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A dedicated team

Our commitment to workers is to create the best working conditions where ecosystems, economy, innovation and people can grow side-by-side.

At Fertinagro Biotech we have a team of more than 1,000 people distributed throughout the world, who work with enormous effort and passion at what they do to make Fertinagro the leading valued brand that it is today. We are leaders as a company and we are also individual leaders.

In addition, within this great team, the largest network of agronomic technicians in the field in Spain stands out. We have 500 specialists in plant nutrition who work hand in hand with the farmer every day in the development of personalised fertiliser programmes for each type of soil and crop in order to improve the performance and profitability of farms.

Far beyond the industrial potential, technological developments or our company’s commitment to sustainability, it is the dedication of these people who provide the true added value to our business.



Why work at Fertinagro Biotech?

At Fertinagro Biotech we have been investing in both economic and human capital for more than 35 years to achieve the most sustainable, valuable and competitive agricultural business, with the most technical and sustainable product range on the market.
  • We strive for excellence, sustainability and continuous improvement whilst adapting to the needs of the farmer.
  • We are committed to innovation, research and development, in order to become leaders in the sector of technical fertilisers in Spain.
  • We are dedicated to continuous growth not just in Spain but around the world. We have 21 fully owned subsidiaries in all continents of the world for transversal, geographical and intervocational professional development.


Wellness and health actions

The importance of health and safety has been intrinsic to the company’s organizational culture since its inception, and not only in the workplace but also outside of it. For this reason, for years we have been carrying out specific actions aimed at promoting the well-being and health of the people who are part of the organization:

WE ARE TÉRVALIS CARD: everyone who works at Fertinagro enjoys the benefits of this card. With it, they obtain benefits in medical services and discounts for purchases of products manufactured or prepared by the different companies of the group: Airesano hams, Lagar d'Amprius wines, Naturuel pork and Angus meat from Delicater, or clothing from our own brand Reiite.

MASÍA SANTA ANA: Fertinagro workers, their family and friends can enjoy a privileged place in the mountains of Teruel, the Masía Santa Ana, an open-air complex offering the chance to have barbecues, play golf or take adapted courses.

MEDICAL SERVICES: Discounts for medical services at the Galileo Polyclinic, special rates at Sanitas and special prices for workers and their families at Adeslas.

ASSISTANCE FOR THE ELDERLY: at Fertinagro we do not forget our elderly, for this reason we have agreements with the Fundación Rey Ardid to be able to obtain discounts in the residences for the elderly managed by this company throughout Aragon.

ESCUELA PERSONAS TÉRVALIS: a new care project aimed at the professional development of the children and relatives of those who work in the group’s companies, which aims to facilitate the employability of talented young people who are looking for a professional project. Once they have finished their studies, they are eligible to take on projects in the fields of business management, economics, law or higher vocational training in administration and management or computing and communications.

ECOLOGICAL GARDEN: One of our Térvalis Foundation Special Employment Centres has an Ecological Garden whose produce we offer to the people who work in the group for a nominal price. In this way, the company’s employees can afford to eat in a sustainable and healthy way.

Business transparency

At Fertinagro we know that our main asset is the employees, which is why we make sure that our teams receive all the appropriate and necessary training and information. By doing this they are kept aware of our business policy, so that they understand of all aspects that affect the organization.

Health and Safety Excellence

At Fertinagro we remain in a continual process of change and adaptation to new needs, both from our clients and from legal and environmental requirements that become more demanding every day. To this end, in the company we have committed ourselves to developing our activity with the priorities of achieving excellence in our environmental behaviour, customer satisfaction and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions.

Values that define our Occupational Risk Prevention policy

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions, identifying and evaluating the critical points in each of the activities and services developed .
  • Encourage consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.
  • Implementation of security plans such as the PRYMOR Plan (Prevention and Organizational Improvement), for continuous improvement in all areas of production and business; Excellence Plan to achieve the best health and safety parameters, among other areas of our activity. Fertilud Plan (in reference to Fertinagro and Health) with which we want to achieve the safest and most ergonomic workplaces possible.


Are you a lover of the countryside and would you like to use your knowledge and skills to achieve a more efficient and sustainable agriculture? If you want to grow and develop as a professional within one of the leading companies in the agricultural sector, you are in the right place. We have a lot to offer you and in return I am sure that you do too!
Here you can discover all our vacancies and see which of them best suits your professional profile. Check our offers and join our team!
If you have not found an offer that suits you, send us your CV, we are looking forward to meeting you. We will keep you in mind for future vacancies!

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Centro empresarial Galileo
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